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Our mission is to encourage transformational technological adoption, where the power of nature fuels the progress of society toward a net-zero future.We are dedicated to shaping a sustainable future through the innovative development and widespread implementation of equitable renewable energy solutions and apprenticeship programs, lifting up underserved communities and bridging energy gaps globally.






01/16/24 - News

Failing to expand the grid may be biggest threat to US energy transition

The United States can build all the renewable energy infrastructure it wants to sustain its growing electricity requirements, but the biggest challenge is transmitting all this energy to where it needs to go with the current grid. This article highlights key recommendations for policymakers, utilities, and regulators to enhance the transmission grid's capacity and reliability, ultimately supporting the transition to fully renewable energy generation. Read more.

01/09/24 - News

50 States of Solar Report

The Q3 2023 "50 States of Solar" quarterly report provides key stakeholders in the solar industry with current and unbiased updates associated with distributed solar photovoltaics (PV). While the report has an emphasis on the residential sector, it is full of information that is relevant across the entire industry. Read more.

01/02/24 - News

How AI Can Help Cut Energy Costs While Meeting Ambitious ESG Goals

This article explores the role of AI in reducing energy costs and achieving ambitious ESG goals, and how we can harness the power of AI to optimize energy consumption, improve efficiency, and support organizations in meeting sustainability objectives. Read more.

12/26/23 - News

US closes $3 billion loan guarantee for first 'virtual' power plant project | Reuters

The United States has approved a $3 billion loan guarantee for the country's first Department of Energy sponsored virtual power plant (VPP) project, signaling a significant step in advancing clean energy infrastructure. The VPP, developed by Advanced Microgrid Solutions, aims to integrate renewable energy sources and energy storage, enhancing grid reliability and sustainability. Read more.

12/19/23 - News

Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: VPPs

This report targets those involved in accelerating the implementation of virtual power plants (VPPs). For those unfamiliar with VPPs, the report seeks to establish a foundational understanding of their value proposition, business models, and current technology. The report also aims to initiate a dialogue on challenges and potential solutions for VPP deployment, laying the groundwork for near and long-term actions. Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: VPPs.

12/12/23 - News

NREL and Partners Build All-Data Approach for Automated Grid Recovery

One of the biggest challenges the grid faces today is how to maintain stability with potentially hundreds of gigawatts of new renewable energy plugging into it. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as connecting new projects to support the rising demand. This article discusses working through an "all-data" approach, leveraging comprehensive data sets, advanced analytics and automation to enhance the resilience and efficiency of the power grid. NREL and Partners Build All-Data Approach for Automated Grid Recovery.

12/05/23 - News

The US is Poised for an Energy Revolution

After the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022, the United States sits at the launchpad of its 3rd energy revolution, according to Goldman Sachs. This new legislation is likely to introduce $3 trillion of investments into renewable energy, most notably in solar, storage, wind and EV technology. Read the full article here: The US is Poised for an Energy Revolution.

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